theodWelcome to the 11th Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium!

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the Scientific Association of Acupuncturists of Greece (ESIBE), is organizing the ’11th Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium’ with Greek and international speakers.

The conference focuses on the modern form medicine should have today, Integrative Medicine.

Conventional-modern’ medicine has solved many human problems, but there are areas of health that are remain unexplored and the existing treatments not only do not cure but create new problems. The thinking scientist strives to fill the gaps in medicine and improve service delivery by all scientifically documented means.

At the conference we will discuss the benefits of using acupuncture in medicine and the techniques combined with acupuncture so that we practice a more complete form of medicine with the sole purpose of maximizing human benefit.

The symposium will be held on Sunday, September 17, 2023.

We will be waiting you to share our knowledge!

Dr. Konstantina Theodoratou MD, MSc, Med. Psych. AABMRC Fellowship,
Secretary General of ICMART
President of SAMAG
Chair of the Symposium

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Τo this day, we try to understand the complexities of chemical compounds found in nature , acupuncture and other related therapeutic wholistic methods and techniques , how they interact with our bodies and how in turn, are genetically predisposed to react to them.

What makes us different from one another is our genetics and just as we’ve come to understand that not all western medicine is created equal, we enter the realm of precision or personalized medicine.

 Interestingly, Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture with its knowledge have valid science backing it up. What’s amazing is that we’ve had this knowledge all along, and now we are just starting to align modern science with ancient traditional medicine.

 Focusing on this path of “combination medicine” (Traditional Wholistic and Modern), we welcome you to this symposium which will bring highly respected keynote speakers to enlighten us with their expertise in our daily practice.

Dr. Michael Tarabe, MD, Msc, PhD, FEBOPRAS, ​Vice President of ESIBE/SAMAG,
Vice-President of the IASY Symposium