Welcome to the 7th Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium!


Dear friends and colleagues,

the Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture in Greece organizes the 7th Interdisciplinary Acupuncture Symposium in Athens, on the 01-02 June 2019.

This year’s symposium is focused on lifestyle. The congress program will contain multiple lectures and workshops concerning acupuncture clinical applications and current scientific research on our field.

Physicians, biologists, physicists and psychologists from Greece and other countries will discuss how lifestyle affects our body and the methods that would help the people to lead a “healthy” life.


Main objective of this Congress is to analyze in depth and from different pionts of view, how  every person should use health professionals and his everyday habits to prevent diseases rather than cure them.


We will be delighted if you join us in this interesting scientific quest.


Dr. Konstantina Theodoratou MD, MSc, Med.Psych, AABMRC Fellowship, p.President of ICMART, President of SAMAG
Chair of the Symposium