Speakers 2019

Konstantina Theodoratou after completing her medical degree at the University of Athens  and practicing Western Medicine as a family doctor, went to China to study Acupuncture in Tianjin and Beijing Universities. She further deepened her studies in Guangzhou (Canton) University where she obtained her MSc in Acupuncture. She has also specialized in Medical Psychology, Addiction Counseling, Health Coaching, Neuroscience and Psychological diseases at the University of Athens. Honorary Diploma in Acupuncture ICMART 2007, Honorary Award at ICMART World Congress 2009, First Award at the University of Athens 2016 for her interdisciplinary experience. She has participated in research, mostly concerning behavior patterns in relation to Acupuncture conducted by the Academy of Athens Biomedical Institute, published papers in medical journals and lectured in various congresses. Currently she lectures at the Greek Institutes of Medical Acupuncture. Konstantina is the President of ICMART, International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques and the President of the Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture in Greece (SAMAG).

Anita Meyer – As a young physician, specialised in Internal Medicine in Switzerland, I felt a deep discontent in my everyday work with patients. There had to be more than pharmaceuticals to treat all the many psychosomatic and chronic diseases. That’s how Classical Chinese Medicine found me almost 30 years ago. I started my own private clinic, working mainly with acupuncture. My main interest always laid in the philosophy of Daoism and in the Classics. Modern TCM had lost too many spiritual treasures for me. Attending several international Daoist conferences helped me deepen my knowledge in Daoism and Yangsheng. It is my wish to empower patients to find their own way in health and sickness, with courage and without fear. I am the president of ASA, the Swiss medical acupuncture association, also working in the board of the „Union“, the federation of the 5 medical branches in Complimentary Medicine, linking Swiss politics and physicians. I am co-president of the Swiss ASA-TCM-Congress, held annually for the past 12 years. We try to build a bridge between doctors and therapists, joining forces in our interest and love for Chinese Medicine. I am married, my three children are now all wonderful adults!

Paola Poli graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 2003 and graduated in acupuncture ALMA (Lombard Association of Acupuncturists medical doctors) and FISA (Italian Federation of Acupuncture Societies) in 2006. Graduated in 2007 at the University Clinical Practice of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanjing, China, and received the ‘Certificate of the annual course of Postgraduate in Acupuncture and Complementary Methods” at ALMA school and the Certificate of Qigong Operator recognized ALMA and FISTQ. In 2005 obtained the certificate of auricular acupuncture Acudetox. Since 2004 practices sessions of acupuncture and Chinese medicine from her doctor’s office in Milan. Teacher of acupuncture and Chinese medicine ALMA and FISA, teaches at ALMA school of acupuncture. Teacher of qigong recognized ALMA and FISTQ (Italian Federation of Schools and Qigong Tuina) teaches the three-year course of qigong operators recognized ALMA and FISTQ. Teacher at some Master organized by Stratal University of Milan. Participates to the conferences and seminars of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Italy, Europe and presented six poster about Oncology Acupuncture and Acupuncture in an emergency in USA Congress (Boston, Washington, San Francisco) and publishes articles on italians journals of medicine and Chinese Medicin, principals on “FISA news” and “Olos and Logos” (Specifications on request). in June 2016 published the book “Acupuncture in an emergency” with CEA-Zanichelli publisher. In seotemder 2017 will publishing “Oncology Acupuncture”with CEA-Zanichelli publisher.

Carlo Moiraghi graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the State University of Milan in 1978. Certificate training course in acupuncture in 1982. Graduated from the International Society of Acupuncture in Paris in 1982. Certificate of Advanced Course in the Academy of Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing in 1984. From 1991 to 2000 he was Councillor SIA – Italian Society of Acupuncture, which from 1994 to 1997 represented the Disclosure Office and Print. Since 1999 he has F.I.S.A. Board, which is representative for Lombardy.
Among his publications, some translations of Chinese classics and more than a dozen of culture and traditional medicine texts, the last of which the practice of true Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine and the real China of today. Jaca Book, Milano 2011, 2013. For over thirty years has taught acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in various public and private school, including the State University of Milan, Pavia, Rome Tor Vergata, Rome La Sapienza. Participates in conferences and seminars of acupuncture and Chinese medicine and publishes articles of medical journals and Chinese medicine (Optional specification).

George Achilles Lazarou graduated from Varvakios Model School, studied Medicine at the University of Athens and specialized in Orthopedics at KAT Hospital, with further sub-specialization in Pediatric Orthopedics, Microsurgery and Sports Injuries. Since his student years he has been particularly interested in studying martial arts, initially Karate, followed by Taekwon-Do. Today he is an International Instructor with the International Taekwon-Do Federation. He was also fascinated by the History of Medicine. He attended the 2nd Postgraduate Seminar for the History of Biomedical Sciences, which led to his PhD thesis. His dissertation, entitled “Greek Medicine in the Danubian Principalities“, was enriched with numerous illustrations and published in 2017. He attended the MSc Program “Metabolic Bone Diseases” and his thesis was about “Pain Management in Chronic Low Back Pain“. An integral part of this treatment is now Acupuncture, which he has been studying since 2009, with a particular emphasis on its history, philosophy and evolution throughout the centuries. This particular blend of Western Medicine, History of Medicine, study and treatment of the musculoskeletal system as his specialty and occupation, recognition of bones as a metabolically active tissue, Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, therapeutic benefits of exercise in general and Martial Arts in particular is now his main field of interest, namely its systemization, through the publishing effort “Introduction to Genuine Taekwon-Do” in nine volumes, of which the first three have already been published in Greek.

Eleni – Christina Isaia is an Anesthesiologist MSc.MD. specialized in Pain Management and Palliative Care. She has completed post-graduate studies in emergency field and CPR while she was an instructor in medical training programs, such as the ALS (Advanced Life Support) and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). She is certified in interventional treatments and techniques, algology, medical acupuncture and she also has a Life Coaching Diploma and Diploma in Health and Wellness Coaching. She has a working experience in Anesthesiology departments as well as in I.C.U. (intensive care unit) and she has collaborated with university clinics, educational organizations, being also a member of national and international scientific societies. She is included in several medical publications as a co-author and she presents interesting clinical, educational and research work. Currently she collaborates with private health clinics, has her own private medical practice and she is Head of the Pain Clinic Dpt. at “HYGEIA” hospital in Athens.

Ioannis Arkadianos is the Vice President co-founder at the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization (ELMO). He graduated from Athens University Medical School. He is certified in General Medicine with extra Post Graduate studies in Obesity, Nutrition and Nutrigenomics. He holds the Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE) from “World Obesity Federation” (WOF).  He is a pioneer Medical Doctor of Lifestyle Medicine in Europe, having practiced in this field for the last 25 years and was the President of the Organizing Committee of the “1st European Lifestyle Medicine Congress” (Geneva 10-11 November 2018). He is an active member of the:  Hellenic Medical Association for the study of Obesity, World Obesity Federation, European Association for the study of Obesity, American Society for Nutrition, International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics, Canadian Obesity Network, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and European Association of Preventive Cardiology. He is also a Council Member of the True Health Initiative. He has over 100 attendances at conferences dealing with Obesity, Nutrition, Internal Medicine, diabetes, metabolic diseases, hypertension, nutrigenomics, etc. He also has participations with speeches, oral presentations, posters, presidency and presentation co-ordination at many Greek and international scientific conferences. Since 2014, he is a member of the Organizing Committee of the Congresses of the “Hellenic Medical Association for the study of Obesity” His medical practice located in Athens, Greece.

Robert Elias Natzemy is a writer of 36 books and founder of the Spiritual Center “Harmonic Life”. He has made over 1500 internet speeches. (www.armonikizoi.com/greek). He has created the well-known 6-year Seminar of Self-Awareness and over 80 other shorter seminars in which he combines ancient spiritual truths and teachings with modern knowledge and techniques, creating original experiential seminars through which a person is freed from illusions, beliefs, syllables, prejudices that hinder his happiness, his freedom, his calm and his love. His teachings are profound and essential, but easily understood by everyone. After completing his studies as a chemical engineer, and after two years working in a major international petroleum company, he resigned from his position to seek a more appropriate and meaningful way of life. For many years he has been researching a great variety of systems and sources of knowledge such as Christianity, Yoga, Psychology, Sufism, Massage, Spiritual Therapy, Philosophy, all forms of Energy Psychology, and much more about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony of person. As a result of this research, he ended up dedicating himself to the service of society through the writing of books, teaching and organizing seminars of self-knowledge, personal self-improvement and spiritual development, as well as organizing various activities for the benefit of people in need ( such as blood donation groups, deprived support groups, homeless, blind and distressed people, etc).

Stavros Psaroulakis is a CAM therapist specializing in the YNSA Scalp Acupuncture system.  He has over twenty years of professional work experience using this method and has lectured internationally on this topic.  YNSA is known to be one of the most scientifically proven and most effective independent methods of acupuncture to date.  As a close associate of Dr. Toshikatsu Yamamoto, the Japanese physician and scientist who discovered this independent contemporary acupuncture system, Mr. Psaroulakis has personally trained with him for five years at his clinic in Japan, and they have taught seminars together in Germany and Italy. Mr. Psaroulakis considers scalp acupuncture can be applicable to all major reversible disorders and diseases.  It is a system that is based on the stimulation of brain zones, mainly on the scalp, viewing the head as a complete and independent microsystem that is directly linked to every part of the body.  He has repeatedly reported improvement in the treatment of central and regional paralysis with speed in recovery time. Stavros Psaroulakis maintains his private practice in Athens, Greece and is actively promoting and offering seminars in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Cypress.  Last October, he successfully organized the YNSA Seminars in Athens in collaboration with the top YNSA acupuncturists from America, Europe, and Australia.  He continues to spread his knowledge to train practitioners who wish to integrate this modality into their current health care practices.

Gregory Kyroussis is Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Athens.  He got his medical degree in Milan and started his specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics in Athens (Agios Savvas Anticancer Hospital, Elena Venizelou Hospital) and went on to complete it in England and Germany. Through his medical thesis he made research on the role of NO synthase and free radicals in the metastatic activity of endometrial cancer. He works privately in collaboration with IASO and REA Maternity Hospitals. During the last years he is also focusing on alternative therapies and views on polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, subfertility and menopause. He loves music and he is a Marathon runner.

Oskar Ausserer has a Doctorate in Psychology, Complementary Medicine and in Philosophy. He has practiced Psychological counselling in Bolzano at South Tyrol. Dr Ausserer runs many seminar and lecture activities in his country and abroad. He is the founder and President of the ZDN (Centre for the Documentation of Natural Remedies). He has organized many training courses for doctors and pharmacists. He has authored many books and studies about Natural Healing methods, Physical therapy etc. and is the co-founder of the magazine Meine Gesundheit.

Michael Tarabe graduated from the Medical School University of Athens. Received the specialty of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in England where he practiced plastic surgery for several years. After his return to Greece he worked in the NHS where he offered his services as a Consultant in Latsio Burn Center and Plastic Surgery at Thriassion General Hospital of Elefsis West Attica. Awarded the Fellowship  of the European Board of Plastic Surgeons in 1994, (successful Fellowship examinations) (Fellow of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery). FEBOPRAS. Doctorate of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Athens since 2004 (PhD).

  • Full member of the Greek Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery since 1993.
  • Founding member of the Greek Society of Wound Healing and Ulcers.
  • Published Articles : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, British Journal of Plastic Surgery, Burns, British Journal of Dermatology.
  • Training in Bioenergetic Medicine (London, England).
  • Diploma (Honors 1st) British Society for Bioregulatory Medicine
  • Diploma in TCM Acupuncture Training in Homotoxicology, TFT Therapy and Reiki

Evdokia Tsalkama graduated from Szent Istvan University department of Veterinary Science, in Budapest Hungary. Working for the past 14 years as a veterinarian, co-owner of a mixed practice veterinary clinic (small animals and equines) in Northern Greece . Volunteered Vet for the equine clinic 2004 Olympics and Paralympics and CSIO **** in Athens October 2004. Studied Veterinary acupuncture and currently is in charge of the Veterinary division of the Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture of Greece. Future vet member of the Local board of horse riding of Northern Greece for the endurance discipline. Member of HVA(Hellenic Veterinary Association) and AFA (American Farriers Association).Other fields of interests include working on orthopedic shoeing cases, adhesive hoof materials used for hoof restoration and hoof deformities. Interested on exercising amateur farriery utilizing both cold or hot shaping and shoeing.

G. Bellos was born in the SACRED (officially) city of Messolongi, student in high school there and Athens and graduated from National and Kapodistrian University in Athens-Medical School. Then trained 3 years in General Practice/Family Medicine in Athens, and 2 years in Social Medicine-Public Health Medicine Crete-Medical School at Heraklion from which he was awarded my PhD in medical education. His first appointment was in Crete as Medical Director and continued in Athens Koropi Health Centre. Member of Royal College of GP’s London after a scholarship, with special training in Mental Health Promotion and Prevention, Health care management special training and Molecular-Functional Medicine. His last but not least interest, since he’s on medical acupuncture training scheme in Athens, is on the connection of molecular-personalized medicine with TCM and the electromagnetic human bio-fields.

Evangelos Vertopoulos studied Psychology in London Metropolitan University and had his Postgraduate Degree from the OU and his MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology from Staffordshire University. He trained in Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Coaching. In his private practice he focuses on: Adolescents and adults psychotherapy / Counselling for professional and amateur athletes, coaches and families / Executive coaching / Design and implementation of training workshops on topics of psychology and coaching. His multifaceted academic and professional experience from the fields of Psychology, Business and Sports, gives him the ability to design comprehensive programs that rely on scientific knowledge and at the same time are realistic and practical.