Lectures 2019

The role of oxidative stress in the woman, an alternative view in sub-fertility – Dr. Kyroussis
Most normal couples achieve pregnancy within a few months of trying. Failing to do so after twelve months may be deKned arbitrarily as subfertility and aLects 10-15% of cohabiting couples.
The good general health is associated with fertility. In a healthy body, ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and antioxidants remain in balance. When the balance is disrupted towards an over abundance of ROS oxidative stress (OS)occurs inUuencing the entire reproductive life spam of a woman. ROS aLect multiple physiological processes from oocyte maturation to fertilization, embryo development and pregnancy. The role of oxidative stress (OS) in abortions, hydatidiform mole, fetal embyopathies, preterm labour,
preeclampsia, gestational diabetes is evident.
Strategies to overcome oxidative stress and enhance fertility are delineated and are based on the life style of the couple, the quality of their life, dietary and exercising habits, the psychological and psychosocial attitude.

Life Style Medicine in reality – Dr. Tsalkama

The meaning of Life Style Medicine includes the true essence of welfare and health. But health preservation is not like a common sense as the words implies, it encloses all the aspects of everyday life that have an influence on humans. What are the day to day choices that have such an impact? Nutrition, exercise, the presence or not of tranquility and fun, psychology and stressful events are some examples and all of them interlaced with constitution and environmental factors. So from the start, although we talk about simple aspects of everyday life we see that along the way all these are becoming perplexed and have a very definite role in the creation of good health or not. Since animals are living parallel lives next to ours and suffer or thrive under the consequences of our actions, which nowadays present a global dominance, we can presume that the same aspects as mentioned above, also play a most significant role and the same rules apply as for humans. Whether companion, hobby or recreation, food producing, or even wild animals are all influenced when it comes to welfare and health. However with respect to their individuality and needs we can provide better terms for living a healthy life. At this point and if the above aspects are met adequately we can introduce Acupuncture in Veterinary Medicine and rip powerful results with long lasting effects and finally get to the true meaning of deciphering the meaning of Life Style Medicine in Veterinary reality and practice.   

Acupuncture, lifestyle and genuine Taekwon-do – Dr. Lazarou

Acupuncture knowledge may be considered priceless in the study of Genuine Taekwon-Do. This term is describing the original form of the Korean National Martial Art as bequeathed to us by its founder, General Choi Hong Hi and definitely not as the current “Olympic Sport” or “Fighting Sport”. Korean civilization is considered by many as an extension of Chinese civilization, since geographic proximity inevitably led to a common historical course. However, in depth study leads us to the conclusion that the Korean way was always significantly different, if not superior than the original Chinese version. Taiji is turned into Taegeuk and Pakua into Palgwe. Still, the concept of Triple or Sam Taegeuk remains uniquely Korean. This concept is scrutinized through both lenses of Oriental Medicine and Martial Art. Everyday applications emerge, such as the activation of the unique classical acupuncture point in the sole of the foot during stepping or the constant pursuit, in all movements of the Art, for absolute alignment of three primary acupuncture points, as an essential task for continuous improvement.

Athletics and acupuncture – Dr. Xomeritaki

The definition of athletics is the regular physical refinement and action which is done in a specific way, a specific methodology and education in order to achieve the maximum physical performance/efficiency to the level of sports competitions. Simultaneously sports/athletics create a social institution that mirrors every specific society and its culture. In ancient Athens the athletic events were social and community goods/commodities providing an educational nature. In ancient Sparta the athletic events were part of the military education. In our days sports are combined to a certain life style and it is divided in many forms, such as professional, amateur and team sports. It may be a form of exercise or movement and it is consider as a form of exercise when there is an opponent and it is then that it is considered to have competing nature.  The acupuncture can be used during the rest of the athletes, before and after the training sessions, before and after the games/competition events, to restore injuries and for postoperative treatment. Acupuncture offers sedative and stress-relieving effect.  It reinforces the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic effect. It boosts the organism and raises the levels of efficacy of the athletes. It minimizes the time of restoration after an injury and enhances the mobility of the joints.It reliefs both from sharp pain and from chronic pain.

Acupuncture as a tool of Lifestyle Medicine  – Dr Konstantina Theodoratou 

 Lifestyle medicine is a field of evidence-based medicine dealing with the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by lifestyle factors, such as nutrition, physical activity, stress management, epigenetics, and social/environmental causes.The concept of lifestyle medicine is not new; quoting Hippocrates: “let the food be your medicine or walking is man’s best friend”.Traditional Chinese Medicine is similar to lifestyle medicine, being a holistic approach in maintaining health, providing treatment and preventing diseases, based on the individual characteristics of the person and the disease. They say that ancient Chinese doctors were paid as long as people were healthy! Today we are well aware of the constant interaction between the external and internal environments required for normal development and health maintenance, as well as for facing the disease load and maintaining resistance. During a human lifetime, we are exposed to a potent and dynamic milieu, capable of triggering chemical changes that activate or de-activate genes. Non-pharmaceutical treatments can stimulate each organism to make the needed changes, in order to prevent or reverse chronic diseases and improve health. Medical Acupuncture derives from Traditional Chinese medicine and, today, we are aware that the body’s homeostatic mechanisms can be affected. This is a safe tool which can be combined with lifestyle medicine, for the improvement of health.

Health Coaching intervention for lifestyle changes – Dr. Isaia Eleni- 

The percentage of diseases and chronic illnesses is highly associated with lifestyle habits that aggravate our health and survival. The adoption and application of healthy behaviors in everyday life it has difficulties and requires quite an effort. This fact often disappoints the patients especially those who are lost in information and advice and don’t know how to use and implement good habits in their lives. Removing negative behaviors, beliefs and stereotypes that for years were “living” along with the patient, can be a challenge. Health Coaching comes in response to lighten dark spots and strengthen the inner power of each individual to take charge of his health, developing a better version of himself. Various techniques and tools may help the Health Care professionals to work harmoniously and effectively with their patients, much more with patients suffering from chronic diseases such as chronic musculoskeletal syndromes, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, chronic pain, stress syndromes etc. Health coaching provides the doctor or health professional with the knowledge and the ability to adapt his therapeutic plan, satisfying the needs and priorities of his patients, so that they can include the health recovery program in their life easily, in order to have a smooth transition to a healthy lifestyle. Health coaching is an effective method for clinical practice that meets and serves the needs of personalized medicine.


Cardiometabolic syndrome is a condition in which the possibilities of developing vascular diseases including hypertension, metabolic syndrome, obesity, type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and stroke are significantly enhanced as a consequence of the presence of various metabolic risk factors, which are known to promote these conditions. According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, today, 2.1 billion people, nearly 30% of the global population, are either obese or overweight – a new, first-of-a-kind analysis of trend data from 180 countries. As part of the 2020 impact goals, the American Heart Association (AHA) has set out seven ideal health regulatory goals; not smoking, maintaining a normal weight, increased physical activity, a healthy diet, normal blood lipid levels, normal blood pressure, and a normal fasting glucose. An analysis of the National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey showed that individuals who met five of the seven ideal metrics of AHA had a 78% reduction in the hazard ratio for all-cause mortality. In this overview, we discuss prevention strategies for the major cardiometabolic conditions such as hypertension, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and ischemic heart disease. We also discuss results of studies in which reversal of these disease conditions has been claimed with the contribution of medical acupuncture. Professor Dean Ornish, a pioneer in this approach (https://www.ornish.com.undo-it/), claims that their program of  lifestyle medicine is the first program scientifically proven to “undo” (reverse) heart disease by optimizing four important areas of your life, 37 years of scientific evidence conducted by Professor Dean Ornish and his colleagues in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco, and other leading institutions show that changes in diet and lifestyle can make a powerful difference in your heart function and overall wellbeing. Evidence suggests that plant-based diets may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease events by an estimated 40% and the risk of cerebral vascular disease events by 29%. These diets also reduce the risk of developing metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes by about one half. A recent meta-analysis performed in 2017 also indicated that acupuncture is an effective treatment for obesity. From the 2018 review of bibliography main findings are consistent with this earlier systematic review and meta-analysis that focused on auricular acupuncture. The review concluded that the effect of auricular acupuncture in combination with diet and exercise was more effective than auricular acupuncture alone. This meta analysis shows that auricular acupoint stimulation improves physical anthropometric parameters including BW, BMI, BF, and WC in overweight and obese adults. The auricular stimulation longer than 6 weeks had a favorable effect on HC after performing a subgroup analysis. A linear effect was noted on BMI as the number of auricular stimulations increased. Therefore, more auricular acupoint stimulations of longer than 6 weeks as an alternative treatment for overweight and obese adults. The central nervous system (CNS), also plays a vital role in glucose homoeostasis through the control of pancreatic secretion and insulin sensitivity which could potentially be used as a pathway for enhancing  glucose control.  In this review, we present an overview of the brain regions, peripheral nerves and molecular mechanisms by which the CNS regulates glucose metabolism and the potential benefits of modulating them for diabetes management. Investigational results suggest that dopaminergic agonists can control hyperglycemia, systemic inflammation and provide therapeutic advantages for treating diabetic patients even with sepsis in a clinically relevant time frame. Development of technologies to interface to the nervous system are becoming a reality through bioelectronic medicine(i.e:, and electro-acupuncture) and we present the emerging opportunities for the treatment of cardiometabolic syndrome. Targeting the VN, for example through VN stimulation which has anti-inflammatory properties, would be of interest to restore homeostasis in the microbiota-gut-brain axis.Medical  acupuncture take advantage of the neuro-physiological stimulating effects of that treatment, such as auricular acupuncture on specific vagal nerve branches, light needling on the autonomic nervous system, to produce REGULATORY effects on the WHOLE HUMAN ORGANISM.

Lifestyle Medicine: an introduction to the new field of medicine that contributes to better health – Dr. Arkadianos

Lifestyle Medicine is a branch of evidence-based medicine in which comprehensive lifestyle changes are used to prevent, treat and even reverse the progression of chronic non-communicable diseases. Proper lifestyle intervention in the fields of nutrition, physical activity, stress management, social habits, sexual health and environment it’s a key for better health. Diseases as obesity, diabetes, CVDs, cancer etc. may prevent of treat more sufficiently if medical doctors and other health practitioners apply in their patient’s lifestyle medicine interventions in everyday life.

Acupuncture treatments in gynecology as evidenced by infrared thermoimaging – Dr. Sant’Ana

It is well stablished that treatments with medical acupuncture may be applied in myriad of clinical conditions. Nevertheless,concrete proofs of its actual effects may be not well documented in the long run of time. The possibility to measure the various responses to stimulation in a real time basis has become feasible with the adoption of infrared thermoimaging, which enables us to document the changes in the temperature for regions of interest (ROI) on the body, before and after any clinical procedure, e.g. acupuncture needling and follow-up. In this session we will present its application for gynecological conditions such as endometriosis, myomatosis and pelvic pain.

Acupuncture treatments in general practice as evidenced by infrared thermoimaging – Dr. Sant’Ana

It is well stablished that treatments with medical acupuncture may be applied in myriad of clinical conditions. Nevertheless,concrete proofs of its actual effects may be not well documented in the long run of time. The possibility to measure the various responses to stimulation in a real time basis has become feasible with the adoption of infrared thermoimaging, which enables us to document the changes in the temperature for regions of interest (ROI) on the body, before and after any clinical procedure, e.g. acupuncture needling and follow-up. In this session we will present its application for general practice conditions such as thyroiditis, asseptic osteonecrosis, intraosseous ganglion cyst and migraine.

High tech Crystal Light Therapy application on acupoints for prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases – Dr. Tarabe

Chinese medicine treats each individual as a whole rather than treating the “diseases” from which that patient is suffering, Explores the patterns of disharmony, life-style, environment, family situation, emotional life, diet, sexual habits, work routine and exercise, it is  important to discuss the treatment of individual diseases since treatment techniques vary enormously. For example, the treatment of Wind-stroke calls for specific techniques and approaches which are quite different from those used for insomnia. The use of these techniques is not in contradiction with whatever other approach or philosophy a particular practitioner may follow practicing with  many different orientations. Another important reason for discussing individual diseases is their particular and specific pathology and aetiology. It is only by understanding the distinctive pathology and aetiology that we can advise the patient on life-style, work, emotional life, sexual habits, diet and exercise. Educating the patient in these areas is as important as the treatment imparted. It gives the patient responsibility for his or her own health and so can prevent recurrence of the problem. The principles of combination of acupuncture points will be  discussed in  how to formulate a harmonious point combination by balancing Yin-Yang, Front-Back, Top-Bottom, and Left Right. Expert technique and balanced composition, a good acupuncture treatment must be based on a deft needle technique, a skilful choice of points according to their action, and a balanced and harmonious combination of such points. 

Yangsheng – a truly personalized medicine – Dr. Anita Meyer

One major goal in modern medicine is, personalized medicine. Patients, so is hoped for, should receive a unique pharmacological treatment according to their genetic setting. Enormous efforts are made in the genetic research for this reason. Chinese Medicine offers its own, personalized medicine: Yangsheng means, that each and every one of us is able to nourish one’s own life in a very personal, individual way. Medicine, including acupuncture, helps form the outside: Yangsheng as a spiritual, mental and physical practice heals from the inside. Each individual is empowered to self-responsibility concerning her or his own health and wellbeing. By following the rules of Nature, by nurturing mind and body, by healing from the inside, Yangsheng is the most cost-effective and life-nurturing personalized medicine.

Energy psychology based on acupuncture – Robert Ilas Natzemy

It has been a revolution in psychology today by stimulating the acupuncture points while focusing on unwanted emotions or physical phenomena. “EFT has been the only effective technique I have used in my 45 years of practicing Psychiatry.  It  has been successful with controling and treating panic attacks , social anxiety and many other physocoligal  disorders.  Curtis Steele, MD, Canada. “In my 50 years of practicing psychiatry, EFT has proven to be one of the fastest and most effective techniques I’ve ever used.” Henry Altenberg, MD, USA

The contribution of acupuncture in health and wellbeing: treatment of amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea in women in the different countries of the world – Dr. Paola Poli

The treatment of gynecological disorders is not the same in all countries of the world. For cultural reasons in some countries women are reluctant to talk about issues related to the menstrual cycle since they are considered impure during the physiological monthly bleeding.This is not only admissible from the human point of view, but also becomes serious within the pathologies related to the menstrual cycle, which due to fear and shame are hidden and mistreated.  On the contrary, in the modern western world dysmenorrhea for women is one of the major causes of absence from work, it is therefore a very frequent pathology and cause of various disabling symptoms. In addition to this, in the scientific literature numerous studies highlight the efficacy of treatment and prevention with acupuncture in this field. It is scientifically proven that traditional Chinese medicine, in particular acupuncture is very effective both in the treatment and in the prevention of amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, so acupuncture is real fundamental cure to stimulate and spread in all the countries of the world, also considering its very low side effects and low cost. Objective In the Chinese Medicine due to the accurate examination of the tongue and the pulse the doctor can understand when an imbalance is present in the gynecological system and therefore can treat the women even when they do not explicitly report the problem.As an example, the characteristics of the  empty of the blood typical of amenorrhea is clearly evident to the acupuncturist who can ask specific questions and moreover can in any case, even in the absence of an answer, carry out with the specific acupuncture therapeutic recipe to tonify the blood. The same applies to the treatment of dysmenorrhea with acupuncture.With AGOM, Acupuncture of the world, the non-profit organization of acupuncture medical volunteering in the poor countries of the world and in case of calamity, we have found that in the poorest parts of Nepal and India during the menstrual cycle women are removed from home , relegated to the stables with the animals. Sometimes in the wealthier families a secluded room is dedicated to them, where they remain for all the duration of the cycle.In fact during these days women are considered impure, therefore they cannot touch anything, neither people, nor plants, nor objects and in many cases they cannot even carry out the rites of the respective religions. For childbirth they are sent away from home, often also locked in a stable for many days after the birth of the child, for a period that varies between 40 and 80 days, considered adequate for the purification necessary after the loss of impure blood that occurs during childbirth.We have treated many women in both India and Nepal, with acupuncture, moxa and cupping.Specifically in Nepal in the four missions after the earthquake of April 2014 in Lalitpur-Kathmandu, we carried out 1200 treatments to women.Only one woman admitted that her symptoms was related to the menstrual cycle.In Italy the treatment of gynecological diseases with acupuncture is a frequent and valid practice, and it is practiced even in more hospitals, in gynecological wards and in wards specifically addressing sterility problems.Acupuncture therapy, without any pharmaceutical treatment, is the most indicated in the first instance in the treatment of dysmenorrhea, also considering the absence of major side effects and very rare minor side effects (hematomas, transient hypotension). 

Acupuncture treatments, qigong and taijiquan and related techniques to improve lifestyle in cancer patients – Dr. Carlo Moiraghi

Acupuncture in oncology is increasingly widespread and also used within Italian hospitals to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from oncological diseases. In the scientific literature there are numerous publications that demonstrate the effectiveness of acupuncture both in the treatment of many symptoms related to this pathology, such as pain and asthenia and in the reduction of the related side effects of anti-tumor drugs such as peripheral neuropathy, the hot flashes, nausea and vomiting. In addition, acupuncture plays a primary role in significantly improving the quality of life of the cancer patient, numerous studies show that acupuncture is able to increase the vitality, the emotional role, and mental health of the cancer patient. Our latest observational study performed at our clinic showed that the weekly acupuncture treatment involves an improvement in pain and quality of life investigated with the VAS pain scale and with the SF36 Quality of Life Questionnaire which is statistically significant in the first and in the third month of treatment but not in the second month, during which there is a stabilizing effect of the results obtained during the first month, a plateau effect. On the basis of this data we started proposing to the cancer patients to do qigong and taijiquan in the second month of acupuncture therapy. Formed a group of ten patients, two men and eight women, average age 58, we introduced the practice of qigong and taijiquan in the second month, with the aim of helping patients to further improve their quality of life than pain.sounds. 

The tyranny of the ‘shoulds’ in our personal life: How will I get rid of stress in my personal life and have more enjoyable relationships – B. Vertopoulos

We all desire calm, enjoyable relationships, that help us relax from our daily stressors. But what happens often is that our relationships end up being additional sources of tension, with misunderstandings, bad communication, jealousy, anger, depressive emotions and sexual life that is far from what we desire. Most of our emotional problems and tensions are a product of our demands and rigid expectations and finally lead us to the issues mentioned above. This dysfunctionality of our beliefs was named by Karen Horney and Albert Ellis as ‘The tyranny of the ‘Shoulds”. In this session, we will identify our personal ‘shoulds’ which mess up our relationships and we will see how we can change them, so that we reduce stress in our personal and family life, contribute to more calm and enjoyable relationships and a more reinvigorating sex life.