Speakers 2016

Thomas Burgoon, MD, President of AAMA (USA)
Thomas Burgoon is the current president of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA) the largest organization of physicians practicing acupuncture in the United States. He graduated from medical school at Vanderbilt University in 1985 and competed residency training in internal medicine. He began studying acupuncture theory and practice in 1992 and studied with Anita Cignolini of Milan, Italy for 11 years and four years with the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NYCTCM). He is a member of the editorial board of Medical Acupuncture, the official journal of the AAMA and is the chairperson of the Institutional Review Board of the NYCTCM. He is interested in traditional Chinese medical theory and practice and also in the fostering of meaningful dialog with our colleagues in regular medicine about acupuncture’s value in modern medical practice.
Fransisco Lοzano, Professor of TCM, MD, PhD, President of MEXFAS & FILASMA (Mexico)
Francisco Lozano, MD is a Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Moxibustion at National Polytechnic Institute’s School of Medicine and Homeopathy in Mexico City. He studied Chinese medicine at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine from 1982-84 and in Japan at Osaka Medical College 1985-87. He earned a doctorate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He has a special interest in the integration of Western and Chinese Medicine and is one of the founders of the only residency program for physicians in acupuncture and moxibustion in North America. He is current president of the Mexican Federation of Acupuncture Societies (MEXFAS) and also of the Iberic-Latin American Federation of Medical Acupuncture Societies (FILASMA).

luxenburger-(1)Hedi Luxenburger, MD, Anaesthesiologist, Pain specialist (Germany)

Hedi is anesthesiologist and pain specialist. She started her studies on acupuncture in Germany, Austria and France since 1987. Later she went to China to further study acupuncture in Acupuncture Training Centre Nanjing and Shanghai, and graduated in 1987. Hedi is certified by the Medical Council. She is also a lecturer at Daegfa, German Acupuncture Medical Association. since 1995. Finally she is a Board member of Daegfa and ICMART, International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques and represents medical acupuncture in EU.
Konstantina Theodoratou, MD, Med. Psyc., MSc in Acupuncture, President of Icmart, President of Samag, Athens (Greece)
Konstantina Theodoratou after completing her medical degree in the University of Athens and practising western medicine, went in China to study TCM and acupuncture inTianjin and Beijing Universities. Actively following the evolution of medical acupuncture through her 18 years practise was elected as President of ICMART in 2014. She further deepened her studies in Guangzhou (Canton) medical university acquriing her MSc in Acupuncture. She is also specialised im Medical Psychology and Addiction Counseling at the University of Athens . Recently she participated in research, concerning behavior patterns in relation to acupuncture by the Academy of Athens’ Biomedical Institute. She is also the president of the Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture in Greece (SAMAG) In the recent years she lectures in the Greek Educational Institute of Acupuncture, Samag and Greek Veterinarian Society.
Georgios J. Bellos, MD, PhD, MR CGP, MEPMA, Athens (Greece)
Dr. G. Bellos was born in SACRED (officially) city of Missolonghi , student in high school there and Athens and graduated from National and Kapodistrian University in Athens-Medical School. Then trained 3 years in General Practice/Family Medicine in Athens, and 2 years in Social Medicine-Public Health Medicine Crete-Medical School at Heraklion from which I was awarded my PhD in medical education. My first appointment was in Crete as Medical Director and continued in Athens Koropi Health Centre. Member of Royal College of GP’s London after a scholarship, with special training in Mental Health Promotion and Prevention, Health care management special training, and Molecular-Functional Medicine. My last but not least interest, since I am on medical acupuncture training scheme in Athens, is on the connection of molecular-personalized medicine with TCM and the electromagnetic human bio-fields.
Antonio Carlos Sant’Ana, MD, Bauru Estadual Hospital, (Brazil)
Dr. Sant’Ana is a MD General Practitioner and TCM Practitioner, with experience in both systemic and microsystemic acupuncture. His acupuncture practice covers private office as well as ambulatorial and inpatient hospital assistance. Presently working as an independent researcher in non linear measures, which includes fractal geometry, quantum physics, complexity and chaos theory. He has a Master degree in Public Health, working on the development of innovative trends in medical measures and the possible medical applications of fractals, chaos and complexity, as well as directing his activities to data basis and software development for non linear measures.

Dr. Michael Tarabe, MD, PhD,  Dipl. BSBRM, FEBOPRAS, Plastic Surgeon, Athens (Greece)
Graduate Medical School University of Athens. Received the specialty of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in England where he practiced plastic surgery for several years . After his return to Greece he worked in the NHS where he offered his services as a Consultant in Latsio Burn Center and Plastic Surgery at Thriassion General Hospital of Elefsis West Attica. Awarded the Fellowship  of the European Board of Plastic Surgeons in 1994, (successful Fellowship examinations) (Fellow of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery). FEBOPRAS. Doctorate of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Athens since 2004. (PhD).

  • Full member of the Greek Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery since 1993.
  • Founding member of the Greek Society of Wound Healing and Ulcers.
  • Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • Published Articles : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, British Journal of Plastic Surgery, Burns, British Journal of Dermatology.
  • Training in Bioenergetic Medicine (London, England).
  • Diploma (Honors 1st) British Society for Bioregulatory Medicine
  • Diploma in TCM Acupuncture Training in Homotoxicology, TFT Therapy and Reiki
George Lazarou, MD, MSc, PhD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Athens (Greece)
Orthopaedic surgeon, Residency in KAT Hospital, Kifissia, graduate of the Athens University Medical School, specialized in Hand Surgery, Sports Medicine and Children’s Orthopaedics. Holds an MSc degree in Bone Metabolic Disorders from the Medical School, University of Athens and a PhD in History of Medicine from the Medical School University of Athens. Main area of interest is osteoporosis and fractures. Use of diagnostic ultrasound for bone strength in primary care and musculoskeletal imaging using non-ionizing radiation. Through the participation in randomized treatment protocols of a long series of osteoporotic patients, he realized the extreme lack of efficient non-pharmacologic pain management which led to his fascination with acupuncture and related techniques. He is applying acupuncture in several pain management cases Runs a private practice in Northern Attica (Drossia and Oropos), focusing in pain management for orthopedic patients, mostly in the field of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
Evdokia Tsalkama, DVM Equine Practitioner, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Graduated from SzentIstvan University department of Veterinary Science, in Budapest Hungary. Working for the past 15 years as a veterinarian, co-owner of a mixed private veterinary clinic (small animals and equines) in Thessaloniki Northern Greece. Participated as a volunteered Vet for the equine clinic 2004 Olympics and Paralympics and CSIO **** in Athens October 2004. Studied Veterinary acupuncture and currently is in charge of the Veterinary division of the Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture of Greece, training vets at the practical workshops of veterinary acupuncture . Member of HVA(Hellenic Veterinary Association) and HVMS ( Hellenic Veterinary Medicine Society) .Other fields of interests include working on orthopedic shoeing cases, adhesive hoof materials used for hoof restoration and hoof deformities.
Aggeliki Tsirigoti, Dental Surgeon, Athens, Greece.
Dr. Aggeliki Tsirigoti graduated from Dental School of Athens University in 1980 and right after she specialized at maxillofacial surgery. After she visited the Acupuncture Tianjin Hospital in China in 1993 she decided to further investigate the challenge of acupuncture application in dentistry. So she studied and got the Acupuncture Certification from Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture, Greece. Also she deepens her studies by getting the Diploma of Acupuncture Teacher. Since then she is practicing dentistry and acupuncture in Athens. Aggeliki experts in acupuncture preoperatively and postoperatively applications. Recently she became a member of the Board of Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture in Greece and elected as the General Secretary of the association. She works as the Head of the Acu-Dental department of ATC, teaches acupuncture in Greece and lecturing in various congresses. Dr. Tsirigoti is one of the first dentists that add acupuncture in the simple dental treatment to provide a better result to her patients. As a very well experienced dentist-acupuncturist she loves to spread her knowledge to more and more colleagues every year.
Vasilis Giannakopoulos, Psychiatrist
Vasilis Giannakopoulos was born and raised in Athens.He studied medicine in medical school of Ioannina.Then he specialized in psychiatry in General Oncology Hospital of Kifissia (six months pathology) at the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica (one year neurology) at the Mental Health Centre of Athens (one year and a half psychiatry) and again at the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica (two years psychiatry).During his specialization on psychiatry his was trained in various psychotherapeutic approaches (mainly cognitive – behavioral and psychoanalytic) in his specialization program in psychiatry, following three years the curriculum of the Greek Society Group Analysis and Psychotherapy and watching series of seminars and workshops. Also he was trained through seminars and workshops on the use of valuable therapeutic tools like EFT, EMDR, Sedona method, Work, Inner Child, Focusing.He deals with meditation for twenty years or so and he thinks that the spiritual evolution of man is an integral part of psychotherapy, to the extent that his psychotherapeutic approach has been shaped and rotates around this axis.
Efthymios Angelakis Neuropsychologist PhD
Dr. Efthymios Angelakis received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, and did his postdoctroral research and training at the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University, specializing in neuropsychology and neuroscience, with an emphasis in quantitative EEG analysis and its relation to cognitive functions, and is certified in neurofeedback practice by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. He is director of the Neuropsychological Laboratory of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Athens Medical School. He specializes in clinical and experimental neuropsychology for learning difficulties, ADHD, and neurological disorders in children and adults, and his research interests include innovative applications of qEEG, neuroimaging, and transcranial direct or alternating current stimulation, especially for patients with disorders of consciousness.
Natalia Tzima, Physician Physician and Homeopath, MSc Pharmacology, PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics
Medical doctor-Internsit, Master (MSc) of Pharmacology, PhD on Diet and Nutrition. She practices Homeopathy and other alternative therapeutic methods since 20 years. She is an educator of Homeopathy in Greece and abroad the last ten years. Other fields of interest: informative medicine and holistic biology.
Clipboard01kljkNikolaos Roussos, MD
Nikos Roussos is a doctor in Physical and rehabilitation medicine. He received his MD from the Medical School of Athens University in 1987,and his registration in the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 1996. From 1996 to 1997 he had a 2year scholarship on “Spinal Cord Injuries Rehabilitation” In the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopedic Hospital, Oswestry England, University of Keele. In 1996 approved Biomechanics Syllabus from the British Orthopedic Association. At the same year he had the  G K Rose Prize on Biomechanics 1996, annual prize from the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopedic Hospital on behalf of the British Orthopedic Association and had been nominated life member of the Old Oswestrian Club. Registration in the European Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 1999. In 2000 Postgraduate course in “Lower Limb Prosthetics”, and in “Wheelchairs and Seating” National Centre for Training and Education in Prosthetics and Orthotics, University of Strathclyde Glasgow UK. Dr Roussos served as Registrar doctor in PMR at at the Midlands Center for Spinal Injuries, and the Orthotic Research and Locomotion Assessment Unit (ORLAU), at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopedic Hospital, Oswestry England (1996 1997), as private doctor in PMR Medicine in Athens (1997-1998), as Specialist doctor in PMR medicine (consultant) at the PMR Department of the General and District Hospital “KAT” Athens (1998 – 2001) He is working for the last twelve years as a senior consultant in the Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine dept of the Asklipeion General hospital Athens Greece.